The products purchased on the online shop of RB COMPONENTES through its web www.rbcomponentes.com have their warranty specified on the product sheet. The warranty doesn´t cover the problems caused by wrong installation or external factors to RB COMPONENTES, such as transport, incorrect use,...

The warranty of the products purchased on the online shop of RB COMPONENTES implies the repair or substitution for free of the part always according to RB COMPONENTES best belief. The return of the parts from the client will be in charge of the customer. The return of the repaired or changed parts will be paid by RB COMPONENTES. In case of replacement of the product, RB COMPONENTES will have the property of the replaced parts.

Claims about reparations not originated by the product, are excluded from the warranty to the extent that it does not legally bear the responsibility of RB COMPONENTES.

Claims about returned products must be made within 14 calendar days from then delivery of the product. RB COMPONENTES will only fully return the amount of the price of the product after mail or phone confirmation.

The processing of the return and the warranty must be made with the web form.

Products will only be delivered to the Customer when they have fulfilled any responsibility with the Company RB COMPONENTES.